Michigan Chapter Lifetime Members

Michigan Chapter Lifetime Members



I would like everyone to know that the Michigan Chapter has honored 4 members with Lifetime Membership recognition.  

What seems like forever ago, at the 2018 Summerswap, Jack and Sue Rickard we presented with their certificates of Lifetime Membership.  They will forever be Lifetime Members #16 and #17 respectively.  The amount of work and time the Rickards have given to the chapter and its events through the years has not went unnoticed.  They continue to support the chapter at all our events.  They still help out at events and have passed their knowledge of past duties on to the younger members to carry out.

At the 2019 Summerswap, we added two more deserving members to the Lifetime Membership list.  Don Bishop and Jim Demmeka were on hand to receive their certificates at the show.   Lifetime Members #18 and #19 respectively.  These two have been with the chapter almost since the beginning.  Have both worked to promote the chapter and hobby at trade shows, CANventions and with the many people they associate with.  

As the President of the chapter, it was my honor to present all of these deserving members with their certificate at the shows.  

There are many others that have membership numbers in the low double digits that have not been forgotten.  If you attend our trade shows, you can easily notice them as they are the distinguished looking fellows sitting back and telling stories of the past.  Take the time to visit with these walking version of brewery history.  They are eager to meet with you and give the newer collectors perspective on the past. 


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